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Coconut oil is an amazing natural treatment for beautiful hair! It’s rich in vitamins and fatty acids that nourish the hair, can promote growth and more knowledge.

Is widely known as a cure-all for everything these days! From topical treatments like moisturizing your skin to internal uses like oil pulling, cooking at high heat and in baked goods, and using for strong beautiful hair. Can basically do anything UFABET

It’s nourishing and moisturizing

Coconut oil is a healthy fat that is very moisturizing to the skin and hair. As well as a great cooking fat.

It’s antimicrobial 

Can fight harmful microorganisms which are particularly helpful for the skin, or hair and scalp. And even the balance of our gut bacteria when ingested.

t’s nutrient dense

Because it’s rich in fatty acids, provides valuable nutrients when used topically or internally.

Coconut oil can reduce inflammation

A 2014 study where rats were fed different varieties of oils had shown coconut oil to be the most anti-inflammatory! It’s rich in antioxidants which reduces inflammation in the body. When ingested and can calm inflammation on the skin and the hair.

It can be used for a myriad of different hair treatment.

Can help hair growth, deep conditioning, sun protection and can eliminate dandruff and lice!