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Sardines are a healthy convenience food that is rich in omega-3’s, vitamin D, protein and calcium. They’re a cost-effective way to get in a whole host of nutrients! Plus, it’s fairly simple to make them taste good.

1.Packed with calcium

Calcium is vital for healthy bones and heart health. Sardines are especially high in calcium as they have tiny pin bones that contain calcium. Don’t worry about getting these tiny bones stuck in your teeth! They’re so small and soft that you truly won’t even notice them UFABET

2. Protein rich

The average 4.4oz can of sardines contains up to 23 g of protein. As whole sardines also have the cofactors of healthy fats, calcium, vitamin D, and more, they’re a far healthier option than something like protein powder for getting a protein boost.

3. They’re a great source of Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are helpful for our heart health, as well as supporting our bodies ability to naturally anti-inflame. Salmon is a popular source of Omega-3’s, but don’t count out sardines! They’re one of the best sources with up to 1.8 g of Omega-3’s in a 4 oz serving.

4. Lower in Mercury than other fish

Mercury in fish is indeed a concern, especially if we’re deficient in selenium, have blocked detox pathways and consume a lot of large fish like tuna.