Trent can’t go out alone, can’t stop Rashford.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool‘s right-back always passes manly. Admitting that he alone has no problem stopping a hot-form striker like Marcus Rashford.

Trent has a bad history of playing ‘Red Fury’, as when stepping into the new first team manager Jurgen Klopp organized his start at Old Trafford. Got burned by ‘Rash’ until he didn’t play the full 90 minutes.  

Over time, ‘TAA’ still has the same defensive game problems and seems to be serious this season. Contrary to the England striker who scored 25 goals, nine assists in all competitions. 

That’s why ‘TAA’ doesn’t have to maintain the mat. Immediately ask for help from the team mate, the game is still at Anfield this week (March 5), because if left alone, fate could drag the team into a hole. 

“The only thing that changed him Maybe it’s scoring more goals than last year. But overall he’s still the same player.” Trent looked worried as he stared at Sky Sports UFABET 

“You can always be a threat. And I’m sure he’ll haunt us again this week.”

“It must be a rock game. But it was one of the matches I was looking forward to. is a good test.”

“Stopping Rashford is really difficult, he’s a well-armed player in his arsenal. But look at the enthusiasm of the team to help each other slow down. It doesn’t work if it’s one-on-one.” 

“The opponent coming up is not just Marcus, it’s the responsibility of the team. and win the whole team That was all that bothered me.” 

The game that Rashford faced Alexander-Arnold had a total of 7 games, it appeared that ‘Reds’ had 3 times, but the five-year-old striker scored a total of 5 goals.