Klopp lacks 3 big sets screaming ghosts focusing on results.

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Jurgen Klopp the manager of Liverpool team prefaces before the game against Manchester United (March 5) that three first-team players are not fit yet. Ready to challenge competitors to open their faces to exchange punches. Not a play safe, focused on results.

The Reds, who played 2-0 on Wednesday against Wolves have four days to go to Anfield again. But it’s too short for Joe Gomez (muscle), Thiago Alcantara (hip) and Luis Diaz (knee). 

“We still have a few injured players probably the same person.” opening his mouth through ‘LFC TV’

“The latest information I received early on Friday morning. I haven’t seen them at the training center. Although many things can happen overnight.” UFABET

“But Thursday’s dinner, aside from the casualties like Thiago, Luis Diaz, the others are fine.”

“Honestly, I thought Joe was already, but it wasn’t good enough.” 

‘JK’ also challenged Erik Ten Hag, the manager of the rival team, to exchange punches because from the style they weren’t good at challenging, challenging, punching. 

“They have transformed themselves into productive machines.” added Klopp. 

“They squeezed out a satisfactory result under good form. high level football Or even if playing does not meet the standards, you can still collect the desired results.

“That’s the reason why I’m here everyone knows that. They are fighting for a full league title.”

“It doesn’t matter for Sunday’s game because when we try we can play well. So I will do my best.” 

Liverpool have lost to United twice this season, both in the pre – season tour to Bangkok 0-3 and at Old Trafford Football League 1-2.