Graeme Potter the good coach that Chelsea has to raise.

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Chelsea defender Kalidou Koulibaly is the latest player to come forward to defend head coach Graeme Potter. Who is facing a performance storm today. Telling the 47-year-old the 47-year-old’s qualities to break into the top flight circle.

The Blues are in a tumultuous period after winning just three of their 17 games in all competitions. Leaving Potter under intense pressure to be sacked four games before the international break still out to sea. 

But most recently, Koulibaly would like to be a talisman for protection for the good coach to tell his son to do well. It only sticks to the little details. 

“Graeme Potter communicates very well with everyone.” the Senegalese star told Sun Sports.

“You don’t care if it’s £100m or £20m. He’s all doing the same thing. That puts me in the spotlight as a great head coach.” 

At the same time, the 31-year-old defender also asked for time for the two forwards. Joao Felix and Mikailo Mudric to adapt ensuring that they were brutal UFABET

Koulibaly added. 

“Felix is ​​well know throughout the football world. He is a great player. We all know that.”

“He’s technically talent. and bring life to our game. is what I wish for.” 

“As for Mukrik that guy is acid-fast. His one-on-one technique is outstanding. It will help our team a lot.”

“But he’s the type of player who needs the ball to make a difference. Our duty is to try to find a way to sculpt as much as possible.” 

“Every player at Chelsea needs time to adapt. Mudric is no different. We’re not worried. I believe that guy can carry the front lane.” 

Waiting to follow the development of Chelsea. Who have been lurking in practice all week in the game against Leeds ( Mar 4 ) will it be able to stop booing?