Gary talks about when Casemiro talks to Bruno about hitting West Ham.

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Gary Neville reflects on Carlos Casemiro communicating with Bruno Fernandes as Manchester United beat West Ham 3-1 in the FA Cup last Wednesday.

Said Benrahma gave the Hammers the lead, but United reclaimed three goals from Nayev Aghert (own goal), Alejandro Carnacho and Fre. Successfully sent the team to the final 8 teams

The former United right-back has mentioned the moment Casemiro spoke to Bruno during the team’s free-kick and the result that the team almost scored a goal as the excellence of Casemiro that shows. Team powers UFABET 

“I was watching the game and I felt like It’s a long way from Sunday’s cup final,” Gary told Sky Sports. “So I’m a bit frustrated. But a team that started to build trust with their fans and they never left the game.

“They have a great spirit. They have self-reflection and they never feel defeated. There were issues, we spoke about them, but what Casemiro did in the dressing room and the team was beyond the norm.

“There was a free-kick to the left of Bruno Fernandes, once Casemiro told him, point to it. I don’t know if anyone remembers. There was about 10 or 15 minutes left and he said ‘go over there and I’ll head it’ Bruno, go over there and he’s got a real header!”

“The goalkeeper saved it but… He just looked at this moment where he was in complete control of the team. He seemed to be outstanding. I feel like they (Manchester United) won’t win the title. (Premier League), but I wouldn’t want Casemiro to chase me if I were Arsenal or Manchester City.”

“He’s the kind of person who can make a big impact on his own.”