How to take emergency contraception? Do not cause harm to the body

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How to take emergency contraception? Do not cause harm to the body.

If you say that taking emergency contraception is dangerous. It may still not be 100 percent correct. Because if you eat correctly according to the principles of the Department of Health Ministry of Public Health: Take the first pill within 72 hours after having sex. And take the second pill 12 hours after taking the first pill. Including eating only in emergencies, ทางเข้า ufabet such as having unintentional sexual intercourse. Do not take it for long-term birth control. Only then will emergency contraceptives not be as dangerous as you understand.

Bleeding after taking emergency contraceptive pills is it dangerous?

Of course, the sudden stimulation of hormones has side effects. After taking emergency contraceptive pills, it is often found that Had a headache, stomach pain, and bleeds. Menstruation comes earlier or later than usual? This is considered a normal symptom and not dangerous. But if these symptoms occur continuously for several days or more than a week. It is better to see a doctor for a diagnosis.

Can taking emergency contraception after sex really prevent you from getting pregnant?

Many people tend to assume that will prevent you from getting pregnant like regular birth control pills, but emergency contraception actually interferes with ovulation and sperm movement. Including changes to the endometrium. To make implantation of the egg difficult Or to put it simply, emergency contraception only helps to “reduce” the chances of getting pregnant

Did you know? Take emergency contraception often Eat together for a long time It increases your chance of getting pregnant!!

Emergency contraception is not intended for long-term birth control. and when eating frequently or eating continuously for a long time It also cause to less effective. or cause a higher chance of pregnancy Including the amount of female hormone. That is 2 times higher than normal birth control pills, it may also cause various dangers, such as increasing the risk of cervical cancer or breast cancer, etc.,because“emergency contraception”was produced to Reduces the chance of getting pregnant. In the case of unintentional sexual intercourse, rape, or condom tearing. Therefore, if any couple wants long-term birth control It is better to consult a doctor to choose an appropriate and safe birth control method.